COM-TEK Computer and Internet Services of Laramie

Founded in 1995

After working with computers for ten years in my corporate job, and helping people with their own personal PCs, I got tired of seeing inferior products and hearing of the exorbitant prices people were paying. Worst of all was the lack of customer service provided by these huge companies. After some careful investigation, I discovered that it really doesn't cost that much more to build computers with quality, compatible components. They say you get what you pay for, but most folks who purchase from volume stores don’t even get that. The common person really doesn’t know what’s inside his or her computer, and many large manufacturers take full advantage of this fact. They look for the cheapest parts, regardless of quality or compatibility and find a way to make them work. This `reverse engineering’ is simply not an acceptable way to build a quality system, it’s just cheaper. The problem is, it also creates many recurring software and hardware conflicts that simply cannot be fixed.

Specializing in Quality Custom Built Computers and Laptops

Based in Laramie Wyoming, COM-TEK has been serving the Laramie Area Since 1995, COM-TEK has offered affordable computers and outstanding customer service.

Whether you are a home or business customer, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for an affordable computer.

Let us build the high-quality system you need at a price you can afford. Components, features, software, accessories: anything can be added or subtracted to provide the perfect system, one that meets your budget and your expectations.

Call us for all of your repair, upgrade, and troubleshooting needs. These days, over 50% of our service is from virus, spyware, and malware removal which is becoming more and more of a problem.  If you think your computer might be infected, give us a call.  The longer your computer stays infected the worse it will become.

At COM-TEK, you can count on our great reputation and hometown service. Our mission is to free local consumers from outrageously high rates and annoying customer service.

To learn more about our custom computer systems, please visit our Products page.

At COM-TEK, over 75% of our business is from word of mouth and returning, satisfied customers. Our business is built on treating you fairly and earning your loyalty. Whether you are a home or business customer, we have the right system for you at an affordable price, and we stand behind our work.

Although we use the best computer hardware, we won’t load your system down with options you don’t need. Why pay for more computer than you will use?

Affordable prices and the right computer memory and hard drive space for you. No underpowered, cheap components, forcing you to upgrade in less than a year.

Only the software you need. Your desktop won’t be cluttered with icons you’ll never use.

Software recommendations you can count on. From Trend Micro Internet Security to Microsoft Office, we’ll make sure your computer is secure and capable.

Come on in and check us out.  What ever your needs may be, questions, comments, concerns, or maybe just a little friendly advice,  we are here to help.

We will be continually updating and improving our Website to bring our customers valuable information on upcoming technologies, links to helpful information, product specials, and more.  Be sure and visit often and watch us grow.