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Windows 8

You're probably familiar with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 since you use at least one or more of them on a daily basis. Although improvements have been made over the years, they're fundamentally the same as Windows 95. It doesn't take too much effort to switch between any of these versions, even though options have moved around a little.

With Windows 8, things change radically. The desktop, as you know it, is relegated to the side-lines to make way for the new so-called Modern UI (User Interface). This interface is designed to be used with touchscreens as well as with a mouse and keyboard, and requires programs to be written specially for it.

These Windows apps are downloaded via the new Windows Store, or from app developers' websites. The Windows Store is similar to Apple's App Store and Google's Play store. As of the October 26 launch date, there will be relatively few apps there, but the number will grow quickly as more and more people begin using Windows 8. Currently, many are free, and a small number cost a couple of bucks.  You can still run programs written for older versions of Windows, but this is possible only on PCs and laptops: Windows 8 tablets (at least those which have ARM processors and run Windows 8 RT) won't have the traditional Windows desktop at all.

I've been testing Windows 8 over the last few months, and I've finally started to really enjoy using it. Yes, it took a lot of re-learning and adjustment. Yes, I felt lost and baffled at first. And sure, I was a bit sad to see the Start Menu vanish. (We have a solution for this.) But if you're willing to put in a little bit of initial effort to learn the ropes, Windows 8 is definitely worth the upgrade.

We created this page to help you with your transition to Windows 8.  Tips and tricks, keyboard shortcuts, and links to valuable information to make your experience a little easier.

Windows 8 training is now one of our scheduled on-site services.  If you find yourself frustrared and lost with your new Windows 8 PC or Laptop, give us a call (307-721-3188 and schedule your on-site training session today.  We can help you get an understanding of how this new operating system works and you will be amazed at how just one hour of help can change your understanding of the new Windows and start enjoying all the new features and eliminate all your frustrations.

OVERVIEW - This is a good place to start.  We have some links below to give you a good overview about Windows 8 to help you get started.

MICROSOFT - This link takes you to a Microsoft site for Getting started with Windows 8

Master the Windows 8 Basics (Cnet)  Nice little tutorial on the basics complete with graphics from Cnet

KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS - This will open a new tab with a list of Windows 8 keyboard commands. 

GCF LEARNFREE.ORG - Good site we found with lessons on a variety of Windows 8 Features

Windows 8 Recovery Options - Understanding the new Windows 8 recovery options

Tips & Tricks - This is a never ending page of tips and tricks that we will keep adding to over time